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At Coastal Lightscapes we are passionate and excited about creating lighting designs that enhance your property and home while providing safety and security for you and your family.  We create custom designs that use select products from only the best manufacturers in the industry.

Founded in 2003, Coastal Lightscapes, Inc. has become the top choice for clients that care about the beauty of their landscape and home at night as much as in the day time.  Coastal Lightscapes works with many professional partners such as landscape designers, architects, builders, hardscape contractors and distributors that need a professional team they can count on and trust.


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Coastal Lightscapes enjoys the challenge of designing the most effective and attractive lighting design for your landscape and home.  We offer free day time and night time comprehensive property evaluations.  Many of our customers like to see the effect of the lighting on their property before making a decision so we offer after dark demonstrations.  During this time we look at your landscaping, architectural features, existing light sources and areas that will benefit from functional lighting such as driveways, walkways, steps, decks and piers.

Coastal Lightscapes prides itself in providing professional and neat installations for it’s landscape lighting projects.  We have worked on over 300 residential and commercial properties in the Hampton Roads area.  Our installers have been trained and have experience installing all types of landscape lighting systems.  

Protecting your investment with our Landscape Lighting Maintenance plan options is important for your system.  Coastal Lightscapes offers various lighting maintenance programs to make sure your system is running efficiently, properly and effectively.  There are many different natural aspects that can create problems within your system and we make sure these issues are taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

We offer landscape lighting products from all of the major lighting manufacturers in the country. All of the products we offer are made from the best materials in the landscape lighting industry ranging from: die-cast aluminum, brass, copper, composite and stainless-steel.  Since Hampton Roads is made up of several unique regions that can expose your fixtures to different climates, natural elements and artificial elements  it’s important to choose the best application for where your located.  Salt water, iron in our well water and other aspects can effect the condition and function of your fixtures and system.

Coastal Lightscapes offers various types of lighting applications and techniques to help illuminate your property effectively.

Over the past 10 years LED lighting has come a long way within the landscape lighting industry.  LED lighting options now have several positive advantages.  LED’s typically use 1/10th of the energy of older lighting technologies.  These fixtures provide a brighter, purer light that makes them stand out and pop.

The holiday season always seems to be just around the corner and we all know how busy our lives can be.  Holiday Illuminations, a division of Coastal Lightscapes Inc., can help you enhance your home during the holiday season with a professional holiday lighting display designed by one of your experts.  We have been creating the perfect winter wonder land for our clients for more then 6 years.  We have a full line of environmentally friendly LED products and numerous displays.  We offer the complete solution to your holiday lighting needs.


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I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you guys again for the great job you did at my personal residence. Being in the real estate business I have access to a lot of vendors who do this kind of work and I chose your company after speaking with you and seeing the “nighttime demonstration” which was cool. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner and the price was outstanding. Nothing but great things to say and I whole heartedly recommend Coastal Lightscapes to all of my clients. Good Job!
Brad King
The King Realtor Group, LLP

Industry News

LED light fixtures and LED bulbs have exploded in the landscape lighting industry over the past couple of years and the technology is beyond amazing. The benefits of this technology is fantastic and has changed the landscape of the industry while opening doors to so many new possibilities of what these low voltage lighting systems can do.

FX Luminaire, one of the industry leading manufactures for LED lights and technology has introduced there new system that has the ability for digital lighting control with zone dimming and color adjustment capabilities.

Garden Light LED, another industry leader has new LED fixtures that are submersible in many different application and come in several different brilliant colors.

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